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How it works



Choose the subscription plan that suits your needs and complete the set-up of your web application



Use our intuitive editor to create content for your specific pages of the web or mobile application



WOW! your customers with In-App support when and where they need it

Integrate on your website

Install WordPress Plugin

  1. Download and install Helpi5 WordPress plugin
  2. Sign up for a Helpi5 account at
  3. Input API key into Settings > Helpi5 Settings
  4. Start setting up help pages with your account

Install WordPress Plugin

After downloading and activating the plugin and signing up on our website, visit 'Helpi5 Settings' (under the 'Settings' tab on your dashboard). Here, you will be able to input the auto-generated API key you receive upon creating an account with Helpi5. Now you may begin creating pages!

Embedded Javascript

You can integrate Helpi5 on any website with literally two lines of code. Our javascript library is designed to make this integration as simple as possible. Click here for more details

Embedded Javascript

-Include this script on your page, can be included in the <head> section of the html or whatever your practices is to include javascript files: <script src=""></script>

-Initialize Helpi5, you can get the API key from your Helpi5 account under settings:Helpi5.initialize('<YOUR API KEY');

About HELPI5

Founded in 2019, Helpi5 is a Software As A Service (SaaS) platform 

to create, personalize and publish In-App help content 

on any web application or software product.

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