Customer Service Software: Small Enterprises

Customer Support Software for Ecommerce Mom-and-Pop Businesses 

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and quarantine have moved small businesses and mom-and-pop shops online to e-commerce platforms. Business-owners need to juggle the importance of their selling process and money coming in as well as the needs of their customers. On one hand, they need to focus on their business and meeting the same level of excellence that they did back when things were ‘normal’. On the other, they do have to deal with the ‘new normal’ and appropriately adjust their online support to make sure their customers are taken care of. 

Many small enterprises have set up e-commerce sites but do not want to use their time creating knowledge bases, FAQ pages, or giving customers phone numbers and emails. Through customer service software, small businesses can focus on growing and establishing their e-commerce business rather than worry about setting up customer service channels. 

Customer service support software is an application that helps companies support their customers, both during and after the sales process. It ranges from any program that advises and informs customers of a product to purchasing and handling information. Expanding your business also means customer service base expansion, requiring constant maintenance. Allows small business owners to enhance customer communication and makes your customer support streamlined and as efficient as possible while making your job as a business owner easier. 

By creating self-service help through a customer support platform, small enterprises effectively modernize their e-commerce platforms by giving customers automatic answers and easy, understandable responses, tailored to your specific business needs and product.

 4 proven approaches to building a customer service strategy


  1. Over-communicate, so the customer knows you are thinking of them. 
  2. Communicate, Make sure they understand what they are getting, and know all the options available. 
  3. Communicate, accurate, and at the right time. 
  4. Communicate, Once they get the product make sure they are satisfied, or do what is needed to [make sure] they are satisfied.

As per the above-proven customer service strategy, the only way to stand-out from the big-box’ buy-more loyalty programs is to use a customer support platform to ensure you communicate clearly their queries, terms of services, and policies.

According to a recent study by Harvard Business Review, COVID has magnified the issues in the Customer Service Industry –  Customers are having a harder time communicating with service reps effectively and aren’t getting the answers they need. Online businesses invest a lot of time in creating static tools such as FAQ pages, user help guides, and external knowledge centers to support their customers. 

Every one of us can relate to the experience of searching these static pages for very specific answers. What we find is duplicate information from the searches and it takes too long to go through the results, causing frustration, and at this point, most of us give up.  

Our vision is to support companies create, manage and publish In-App help content to improve customer experience and for faster problem resolution. With 3 simple steps – online companies can now sign-up, create help content, and publish. The customers can now find the answers on the page/screen – so, no more sending customers off-site to search for information.

Our mission is to shorten the “distance” customers have to travel to get answers. We are here to support your success! Let’s start the journey to an awesome customer experience.